osteoporosis OSTEOPOROSIS is weakening of bones due to decrease in bone mass either because the body is not forming enough bone or the body looses too much bone. Osteoporosis is affecting millions of patients worldwide and is spreading like an epidemic.
We advise all our patients more than 50 years of age to undergo a bone density test to diagnose osteoporosis at early stage so that it can be treated medically.
Medical treatment of osteoporosis is with calcium and vitamin d supplementation, bone forming injections like teriperatide therapy, medicines to decrease bone resorption like alendronates etc. The exact therapy is individualized for every patient.
Once the osteoporosis starts causing fractures in the spine, patient may end uo needing surgery for spinal stabilization or decompression of nerves and spinal cord. The surgeries performed for osteoporotic fractures are

1. Vertebral augmentation procedures like vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty
2. Percutaneous stabilization of fractured with cement augmented screws
3. Decompression and spinal fusion procedures with cement augmented screws
If diagnosed at an early stage, most of these surgeries needed for osteoporotic fractures can be avoided