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Exercises to keep your spine healthy

Strong spine in a healthy functioning body provides optimum protection, flexibility and movement to the body. A healthy spine can be maintained in several ways such as maintaining an active lifestyle, healthy diet intake...

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Keeping the spine supple and healthy

The spine is an integral part of the body providing it structural support and flexibility. A healthy spine assures proper body control, movement and avoid back pain. Some of the important ways to keep the spine...

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Do not feel low if your pain-free life is fading behind the clouds of pain. Contact Center Spine India and get the best Cervical Spine Surgery.

Are you uninterested in your spine issues; however, don't seem to be obtaining the correct treatment? Cervical Spine Surgery in Delhi NCR is the best opportunity for those who have lost all their hopes for a pain-free life...

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Still, suffering from the spine injury? Consult Dr Hitesh Garg for the best treatment.

Smart will doctors never advise you to bear pain and struggle in living a happy life. If you got a problem with your spine, contact the most talented doctors at the Best Spine hospital in Delhi...

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Get the best treatment for Scoliosis at the Center Spine India- the hub of the best doctors of the region.

Scoliosis may be a sideways curvature of the spine that happens most frequently throughout the expansion spurt directly before the time of life....

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Still not got a solution to your spinal pain? Do not worry when Dr. Hitesh Garg is there to help!

It is never wise to lose hopes and stop trying to come out of a problem with which one is suffering. Since stepping out of bodily pain is not that easy, it always needs sthe right doctor to cure that pain....

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Get the best treatment at the Center Spine India for Scoliosis.

Are you uninterested in your spine problems but aren't getting the proper treatment? Get treatment from the Best scoliosis Surgeon in Delhi NCR at the Center Spine India. Do not worry if your child has the worst spinal bone curves, resulting in the rear's weird bending. There are many solutions to such problems. The team of expert doctors at the Center Spine India...

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No more living in pain. Center Spine India, centre for spine and scoliosis is the best solution, visit today.

Is your pain getting stronger than your will to tolerate it? It is the call for visiting Center Spine India, centre for spine and scoliosis to get Cervical Spine Surgery in Gurgaon. Cervical is the pain that people take it for granted and suffer in the...

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Reach out the Best Spine hospital in Delhi for all spine related problems

Have you tried many doctors but still suffer from a severe spinal problem that is causing severe pain? Stop bearing that pain and visit the Best Spine hospital in Delhi. Center Spine India, center for spine and scoliosis, is the best destination where you can see your pain flying away high...

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Leave all worries and visit center spine India to get the best treatment for spine-related problems

When you feel that you have lost all hopes and there is no way out of your problem, there is God who stands by your stand to pull you out of all troubles. Since God cannot present everywhere, he has sent people with a good...

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Tired of the pain caused due to spine surgery? Contact the experts today

Do not worry if your spine has begun to create problems for you. Center Spine India, Center for Spine and Scoliosis, has got solutions for all your spine related problems...

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No more pain to suffer from! Consult Dr. Himanshu Tyagi today for a pain-free life

Are you suffering from spine-related problems? Give all your questions to Dr. Himanshu Tyagi and get the best treatment for the Spine surgery in India...

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How To Get That You Need To Visit The Best Spine hospital in Delhi?

The Center Spine Of India is regarded as the best hospital introducing a wide array of minimal invasive techniques such as Spine Fusion, Microscopic and so on. It is known for being adhered to new age methodology...

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When You Should Get Your Appointment Done At Best Spine Hospital in Delhi?

Exercise and good postures are indeed important to keep the spine in an ideal manner. Your spine is indeed an ideal body part. You should take care of it indeed. Experts also suggest that you must sit up straight...

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Do Keep Doing More Exercise And Try To Maintain Good Postures

Exercise and good postures are indeed important to keep the spine in an ideal manner. Your spine is indeed an ideal body part. You should take care of it indeed. Experts also suggest that you must sit up straight...

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Find The Best Spine Specialist In Gurgaon To Have Incredible Treatment

Do you know about the back surgery process? You have landed at the right level. Physical and psychological processes happen which can lead to problems creating issues to heal and recover...

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Find The Best Spine surgeon in Gurgaon At Center Spine India

Have you been thinking the same that why is it quite important to understand the spine? The make-up of the spine is quite complicated indeed. The best thing is that you must understand the spine in a better way to get to know where the pain is coming on...

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News & Updates

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  2. Dr. Hitesh Garg conferred with 'Atal Swasthya Bhushan Samman' award 2019 December.
  3. Dr Himanshu Tyagi conferred 'Vishisth chikitsa ratan' award 2019 by Delhi Medical Council.
  4. Dr Tarun khukreja awarded ' Best emerging Spine surgeon' by MBB jury in June 2019 .
  5. Live demonstration of scoliosis correction surgery by Dr Hitesh Garg in Excel care hospital, Guwahati.
  6. 23 percent of IT professional suffer from neck pain. Times of India - 25th January 2019 READ MORE >>
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  8. Center for spine equipped with latest technology in the form of O-arm and Navigation technology

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