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What is Cervical Spine surgery and its indicators?


Cervical Spine surgery and its indicators?

  • Does that reemitting pain in your neck prohibits you from performing daily tasks with ease?
  • Has your travelling been reduced due to the inability to bear jerks which leads to tormenting pain for many days?

The neck is a flexible part of the body and is vulnerable to injuries due to different issues such as muscle or ligament strain, incorrect sleep posture, incorrect posture while exercising, arthritis, osteoporosis and in severe cases due to prolonged medical intervention is a causative factor for fracture and dislocation in the cervical vertebra.

CENTER SPINE INDIA with spine experts having years of experience of performing Cervical spine surgery in Gurgaon recommend surgery to remediate issues such as degenerative disorders, trauma or instability of the spinal cord which cannot be healed via treatments such as physiotherapy, physical exercises and heat therapy. Diagnosis and detection of cervical fracture and damage is done via X-Ray, MRI etc.

Indicators of cervical issues:

  • Persuasive back pain
  • Lack of motor functioning
  • Urinary bladder incontinence
  • Stiffness in the low back area leading to restrictive motion
  • Inability to maintain posture
  • Muscle spasms during activity or at rest

Medical conditions requiring Cervical spine surgery:

  • 1. Cervical Deformity

    This medical condition is characterized by various deformities such as hyper lordosis in cervical area etc. which require cervical surgery to stabilize, straighten and strengthen the spine. Cervical deformities can also be caused due to upper neck disorders or craniovertebral junction abnormalities.

    These also affect the curvature of the spinal Cord. Depending on the degree of curvature change, the Our spine specialist in Gurgaon suggest the right type of spinal surgery to help relieve pressure off the spinal cord for immediate pain relief.

  • 2. Degenerative Disc Disease

    In this issue, the cushion pads present between the vertebrae shrink causing worn out disc. This in turns leads to herniation. Due to pressure exerted on the spinal nerves during this issue causes pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the patient. CENTER SPINE INDIA known for performing cervical Spine Surgery in Gurgaon recommend surgical intervention to remediate this issue.

Consult CENTER SPINE INDIA a renowned as the best spine specialist in Gurgaon offering effective remediation for cervical spine issues and associated surgical procedures.

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