Lifestyle Modification at Home After Lumbar Disc Disease

Around 3/4th population is affected with low back pain at least once in their life time.

In most people this back pain will improve in some days to weeks or months

Low back pain hampers day to day life activity.

Here are some life style modifications which are advised to reduce your back pain severity and frequency

  • Don’t try to rest in bed for long time until your back pain feels better.
  • Stay active within the limit of your pain threshold
  • Always sit and stand straight and avoid standing or sitting for longer duration continuously
  • If there is need for long sitting try to get support from lumbar belt or pillow.
  • After sitting for more than 45 minutes to 50 minutes, try to stand and walk for 5 minutes
  • Weight reduction is very necessary in case of obesity
  • Start healthy diet
  • Do meditation and yoga to reduce stress
  • Do hot fomentation and start physiotherapy to strengthen core abdomen and back muscle
  • Follow home exercise programme
  • Avoid high heel shoes or sandals
  • Avoid putting wallet in back pocket while sitting
  • Arrange household to avoid trauma from them and to decrease chances of fall from slippery surface.
  • Avoid forward bending and heavy weight lifting to pick heavy object.
  • You should lift with your knee fixed or squat down.
  • Move object carefully.
  • Try to push heavy object instead of pulling it to reduce muscle strain.
  • Driving should be restricted to 30-45 minutes at a stretch. Use  Lumbar support. Keep  driver seat close to the steering so that you don’t have to stretch your leg while applying brakes or using clutch.
  • Use lumber belt during travelling
  • Sleep on Firm mattress bed
  • Quite smoking and alcohol because smoking increase degeneration of disc and alcohol increase inflammation.

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