Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery(MISS): Its basically less invasive spine surgery than the traditional open spine surgery. In MISS we use specialized instruments called as tubular retractors to access spine through small incision. In this procedure a small incision is made and the tubular retractor is inserted through the skin, soft tissue and muscle down to the spine.

This creates a tunnel right down to the area where the problem is with minimal injury to normal tissue and muscle and negligible blood loss as compared to the traditional open spine surgery. Any bone or disc material removed exits through the retractor, and any device necessary for the fusion such as screws and rods are inserted through the retractor.

At the end of the procedure, the tubular retractor is removed and the muscles return to their original position as before. As there is less trauma to the normal tissue there is less pain after the surgery and faster complete recovery.