Case Study for a 35-year-old National Coach with Spondylolisthesis Condition After Successful OLIF Surgery in India

Patient Problem

A 35-year-old National level coach visited us with a history of severe disabling low back pain from the last 2 years. On detailed physical examination along with MRI and dynamic x-ray, he was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis of L4 over L5. Spondylolisthesis means that L4 had slipped forward over L5 leading to spinal instability and compression over nerves.

Patient Concerned

Patient was convinced enough that he needed spinal fusion surgery to tackle spinal instability. But he was worried that he may have to loose his job after spine surgery. He may get disabled after spine surgery.

Before Surgery

He was recommended the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery known as OLIF surgery. This is a minimally invasive surgery where the disc is approached through the side of abdomen, disc is removed and replaced with a large cage and then posterior spinal fixation is done using percutaneous screws and rods. OLIF is the latest advancement over traditional spinal fusion surgery done for low back pain and sciatica caused by spinal Instability.

During Surgery

Dr Hitesh Garg, planned for this procedure because of some advantages over traditional surgeries.

1. Able to insert a larger cage which helps increase the success rate of fusion.

2. Helps to maintain normal spinal alignment, especially sagittal alignment which has been scientifically proven to give better pain relief and prevent long-term complications.

3. No muscle dissection is done during surgery so the recovery is faster.

4. We stay away from nerves during the surgery so that there is almost no risk of damage to the nerves

After Surgery: Patient Feedback

Successful OLIF Surgery in India

As per the patient, “he used to have severe back pain which was affecting his daily life and was unable to concentrate on his practice and training.  He was on the condition of quitting his job. Post-surgery, he is back to his work happily and pain-free.”

Happy Patient from Rewari sharing his experience after OLIF Spine Surgery India-Back Pain Treatment