Not Every Curve Is Scoliosis “Story Behind The Curve” – Case Study of 26-year-old young boy

Not Every Curve Is Scoliosis “Story Behind The Curve”

Patient Problem

A 26-year-old young boy and his family members noticed a left bend curve in his body a year ago and did an x-ray for the same, which showed a curve in the spine.

Patient Concerned

So, they visited us for the correction of scoliosis. On detailed physical examination along with MRI, it was found that the boy was suffering from disc prolapse at L3L4 compressing the nerves which was causing scoliotic list.

The Scoliotic list is a protective mechanism of the body to decrease pressure over nerves. Contrary to true scoliosis, there is no rotational anomaly of vertebral bones in X-rays of the spine.

Before Surgery

After a detailed discussion, the boy underwent minimally invasive microscopic decompression with microdiscectomy surgery at L3L4.

“Microdiscectomy” is a surgical procedure for the relief of pain and other symptoms that occur when a herniated disc in the spine presses on an adjacent nerve root. During the operation, the surgeon frees the nerve by removing small fragments of disc, bone, and ligament. In 6 weeks, his scoliotic list resolved completely.

After Surgery

The index patient is a student from Uttar Pradesh who was depressed with his medical issues and his family members were worried due to his posture when they visited our center. At present the patient is happy and enjoying his days back.

In this patient, the MRI and Dynamic X-rays helped us diagnose the patient correctly and treatment was successful.