Does overuse of Mobile phone leads to increased NECK PAIN and related problems?

Does overuse of Mobile phone leads to increased NECK PAIN and related problems?

Mobile phone has become an important part of our life. Most of us are either texting on the mobile phone or watching videos or surfing the websites on our mobile phones.

When we are using mobile phones, we are using mostly in the flexed portion of the neck, this leads to extra stress on the neck muscles and also the disc in our spinal column are under continuous increased intradiscal pressure which leads to accelerated cervical spondylosis leading to neck pain.

Actually, now the medical fraternity has called has named this as text neck syndrome.

What is text neck syndrome?

Overuse of mobile or overuse of our laptops in the flex neck position leads to increased pain in the neck area upper back area and the area behind the ears sometimes it leads to increased headache in the posterior part of the neck.

Why does this happen?

What happens when we are texting or we are using the phone like this (Please see below Pic.) the weight of our head is continuously supported by the muscles and these muscles get tired and most over it leads to increased incidence of cervical spondylosis.

How can we prevent neck pain from mobile phone use?

One we can make some modifications like

  • Whenever we are using mobile phone for texting, we should use like this bringing the phone to our eye level rather than using it like below the eye level.
  • Also in between the use we should do little stretches of the neck.
  • A number of times if we are continuously on the mobile phone rather than using the mobile like below the eye level or like this, we should use hands-free or earphone so that our neck remains in neutral position.
  • Also, in addition to this we should do core muscle strengthening exercise of the neck every morning so that our core muscles are strong and they are able to support the neck as well as the head this will keep your neck healthy while you can still keep using your mobile phones.

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