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My neck surgery at Artemis hospital - front and back surgery combined.

Combined Anterior-Posterior Decompression and Fusion (CAPDF)

I write this note as a sincere voice of gratitude to the Spine Surgery Team and as a personal testimonial to the public of my experiences both of medical success and personal appreciation for the care from the entire staff at Artemis Hospital. This is my story… I am Rajeev Bakshi, 64 year old male. I had been an enthusiastic “walker” for years.

I assumed my neck back pain was due to years of hard-work, heavy weight lifting. I visited my family physician for a my problem and mentioned my increasing neck pain and difficulty walking now associated with numbness and tingling. My primary physician ordered a stat MRI; as I was coming back to home that day my family physician called and directed me to go to a higher center immediately. I was alarmed to learn a there was strangling of my cord, and he diagnosed, Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy (CSM).

I came to Artemis Hospital, met Dr HimanshuTyagi, Sr Consultant, Spine Surgery Team, he discussed my complaints and MRI, Dr Tarun Kukreja, Associate Consultant, did a thorough clinical examination.

I was hoping surgery would not be needed when Dr Hitesh Garg, Head of Spine Team allowed me a choice of nonsurgical/ conservative interventions, first. I was referred and treated with physical therapy and Department of Pain Management adviced me epidural steroid injections though Spine Surgery Team had advised surgical spinal decompression and fusion to correct the myelopathy. These nonsurgical interventions were ineffective.

After close to 2 weeks had passed with physical therapy and conservative management with analgesics, neuro-modulators and supplements, but my symptoms were not improving.

I took an appointment to meet Dr Hitesh Garg again, we discussed all the risk factors and complications associated with the surgery. But, the benefits outweighed the risks we fixed a surgery date. After all the pre surgery tests were performed and I got fitness for the surgery.

Combined Anterior-Posterior Decompression and Fusion (CAPDF) was performed from front and behind both in the same sitting. My immediate post-op pain relief was amazing.

I have some very minor flexibility limitations due to fusion C3-C6; I have adapted to these minor limitations! MOST IMPORTANTLY, the excruciating pain and ambulation limitations are no longer a part of my everyday life. I am forever grateful for the care of Dr Hitesh Garg and his team at Artemis Hospital. The entire Artemis staff, and of course Dr. HimanshuTyagi were all pleasant, calm, thorough and professional in their care pre and post­ surgery!

I have been very grateful and my heartfelt and professional thanks is genuine and comes with a medical background and with experiences from both sides of a medical equation­ patient and professional.

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